Artist Spends Two Weeks Living Inside a Stuffed Bear

While foolhardy rich folks blow millions on creating McMansions on cliff-sides or sandy beaches, one brave man proves that it’s still possible to live simply — inside a giant taxidermy bear in the middle of an opulent art museum.

Yes, French artist Abraham Poincheval lived inside a taxidermy bear for two weeks at the interactive exhibit of Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. When I say living, I don’t mean he simply slept in the bear at night before getting out to cook a hearty breakfast of crepes and wine (or whatever French people eat).

No, he actually spent 24 hours a day, seven days a week inside the stuffed beast.

Don’t worry, he didn’t go without the essentials: living off a meager amount of food, water, tea brewed in his own miniature kettle, and a first aid kit in case, um, the stuffed bear attacks? The bear was also outfitted with some sort of toilet. We’d love to know how that works.

And, of course, no pretentious performance artist could go that long without a few books, an iPod and a cardigan.

But enough logistics. The real meat of the story is why in the world someone would do this. Perhaps Poincheval is fulfilling a lifelong dream to live inside a live bear, but this is both less dangerous and smells much better.

The real answer is far less exciting. He’s doing it for, um… performance art, I guess? According to the Huffington Post, “the piece is meant to test Poincheval’s physical limits while allowing the artist to get in touch with his animal instincts.”

Again, living in a real bear would have accomplished all that so much more effectively. And the live feed would’ve been a thrill to watch, even if the performance likely wouldn’t have lasted two weeks. The performance went from April 1 to April 13.