Wanted Criminal Taunts Police On Their Facebook Page with ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Comment

It’s just the beginning of the week and we think we’ve already found the man we’re going to call our “Idiot of the Week.”

A 19-year-old wanted criminal spotted his mugshot on Gwent Police’s Facebook page, with an appeal for information about his whereabouts. Instead of laying low, Logan Rhys James decided to instead taunt the cops online.

“Haha catch me if you can, won’t see me slipping” he commented on the appeal post.

Well, apparently they did see him slipping.

He was found in his hometown of Caerphilly in South Wales shortly after the post went up and has been placed in police custody.

James had recently been in jail for an eight month stint for a street knife attack, but less than a week after being let go he breached his license by failing to keep contact with the police, prompting this recent search and capture, The Daily Mail explains.