Summer Prep : Shine Brighter Than the Sun with These 8 Essentials

Every spring we go through a preparation ritual in anticipation of summer time, when the sun is shining and the skin is out on display.

After several years of practice, we like to think we’ve become experts at the art of getting prepped for the warmest of seasons.

Whether you’re already donning your sun dress or are waiting a few more weeks to really indulge in the heat of the season, the slideshow above can help you step out looking your absolute best.

After months of being huddled indoors and covered up in layers, the sun’s finally shining bright and it’s time for you to do the same.

Scroll through the slideshow above to get all the essentials and check out the descriptions below.

1) The first rule of enjoying the sunshine is to protect your skin from its harmful rays. We love the Supergoop! SPF 30+ City Sunscreen Serum because not only does it block out UVA and UVB rays, it also aids in repairing your skin of existing sun damage

2) Everyone wants dewy, fresh looking skin during the summer time. Even out any blotchiness and get a natural-looking glow with MDSolarSciences’ Mineral Tinted Crème. It blends in perfectly with most skin tones and includes a sun protection factor of 30.

3) Don’t forget your hair! While hats and caps are great, they’re not always practical (or stylish). Protect your locks with Aquage Sea Extend Volumizing Conditioner, which not only revitalizes and improves the condition of your hair, it also comes with UVA/UVB sunscreen protection.

4) DERMAdoctor’s comprehensive scar regimen helps you get smoother, softer, clearer facial skin that you’ll just love to show off. It’s also a great kit to use for self tanner preparation.

5) Shaving and waxing are common methods to achieve touchable soft skin, but shaving is a huge time investment while waxing can be painful. The revolutionary No!No! hair removal system helps you achieve long-lasting results without any pain. It works by crystallizing hair that you can easily slough off. After a long winter of jeans and leggings, you can confidently show off your legs without worrying about stubble or unsightly hairs.

6) Just because protecting yourself from the skin’s ray is the cardinal rule, doesn’t mean you need to walk around with pale winter skin. Get a head-to-toe glow with Xen-Ten Transform Luxe, a daily colorless self-tanner that helps you develop a gradual sunless tan. Bonus: The light vanilla scent is amazing.

7) Get the summer signature look with Victoria’s Secret’s Beach Hair Wave Spray, a sea salt and buriti oil formula that adds texture to all hair types to create that effortlessly sexy, fresh-from-the-beach tousled wave look.

8) Put on that bikini or those short-shorts without a single worry about any cellulite ruining the day. These amazing It Works! cloth wrap is infused with a powerful, botanical-based formula that delivers incredible tightening, toning, and firming results.

You apply it for only 45 minutes on whatever area you want to smooth and tighten, and then remove to reveal tight, smooth, sexy skin. What’s really cool about these wraps is they continue to work progressively for 72 hours, according to a distributor. That means your result continue to develop and get better over that time period. Additionally depending of your lifestyle the results can last for up to half a year!

We love we can rely on these whenever we need instant results for our last-minute pool party plans. Check out the site to explore their whole product line, including the travel-friendly Lip and Eye moisturizing cream that helps you look fresh and energized no matter where your summer vacations take you. You’re sure to find something perfectly suited for your needs.