Summer Traditions the New York Way

We all have our summer traditions–maybe there’s an ice cream palor you frequent every Friday night, or a water park you spend Saturdays at with the kids. Summertime has the delicious appeal that makes you want to be outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and savoring the sunsets. But, everything does come at a price.

Fortunately, there’s Enrique Grijalva–AKA Mr. Minimum Wage–who shares his top eight list of summer fun that costs next to nothing! Here are the top 4 items that this New Yorker does to celebrate summer fun on a buck. And if you’re not headed to The Big Apple any time soon, no worries. You might find there are similar versions in your area to beat the heat.

1. Mr. Softee Ice Cream

2. Italian Ices

3. Piragua

4. Head to the Beach

Not sure of what he’s talking about?

Mister Softee is an ice cream truck where you can get a soft-serve cone right on the street. The company started in

Phildelphia in 1956, and since that time has progressed to 15 states. New York has been one of them for 50 years. All New Yorkers know the distinctive jingle of a Mister Softee ice cream truck, and everyone appreciates the 1956 prices! Take a stroll down memory lane and find your favorite flavors as a kid, or try some new ones.

Italian ice is a simple dessert that has been around for centuries. Made with fruit or artificial food flavorings, it comes in a variety of fruit flavors. You can find an Italian ice stand on just about any corner in New York for about a $1. Make it a personal goal to test out every flavor this summer!

It sounds exotic, but piragua is really just shaved ice with a fruit flavored syrup. Pointy and shaped like a pyramid, it’s an unmistakable summer treat and can be found in many Latino-based communities around New York. Check out the Latino neighborhoods in your city to see what they offer.

Whether you’re on the ocean or a lake, many states have beaches for relaxing and cooling off. Grijala’s old favorite is Coney Island. With tons of rides, games, people, and the ocean, it’s a NY family’s favorite vacation spot, sure to entertain the whole family!

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