Man Wakes Up from Night Out – Discovers Something Horrifying

Waking up the morning after a big night out many fear what they may have said, who may be next to them in bed, but most would never fear getting a face tattoo. For one man the worst became a reality when he woke up after a night out with friends to discover a large tattoo covering his face.

When the man from South Wales looked in the mirror he noticed eyeglasses drawn onto his face. However, when he tried to wash his face he soon realized that the marking was not drawn on but instead tattooed straight over his eyes.


According to the Daily Mail, the man has no memory of getting the tattoo because he was drunk with some of his buddies. At first he decided to not get the ink removed but after being teased out with friends at a pub, he chose to go ahead with getting his sunglasses tattoo removed. Now with many trips to a laser clinic behind him, this man is almost ink free.