These Sunglasses Will Text You If You Forget Them Somewhere

You’ll never have to worry about misplacing your sunglasses ever again!

That is, if you purchase a pair from Tzukuri.

The custom designed and constructed frames are embedded with beacons that will alert your smartphone if you’ve journeyed too far away from them.

Each pair was designed by 3D analyzing thousands of faces in order to ensure they fit a wider range of facial structures. They are handmade in Japan and come equipped with 100 percent UV protection and anti-scratch lenses.

With six different models and three sizes, there’s no doubt that mindful shoppers will have a decent selection to choose from.

Pre-orders will begin shortly, and although there hasn’t been any word regarding the price, they are sure to be worth the money, especially if you’ve recently mourned the loss of your polarized Ray Bans.

If you ask us, the idea is brilliant!