Super Friends Retire to Florida in Golden Girls Spoof

This is quite possibly one of the best fan-made parody videos we’ve seen in ages. Here’s the recipe.

Take the classic Saturday Morning TV show The Super Friends, which starred super heroes Superman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Remove the teen sidekicks. Give Wonder Woman a brief cameo. And send the boys to Florida to retire Golden Girls style. And while you’re at it, just take the Golden Girls opening sequence, animated over the original live-action reference, and let the world go wild.

That’s what illustrator Kevin Bapp did when he turned these iconic super heroes into paunchy parodies of themselves in his video “Super Golden Friends.” It’s a short that’s become so popular Entertainment Weekly even put it in the mag’s bulls eye page last week. The vid features Batman as wise lo’ Dorothy (Bea Arthur), Aquaman as ditzy Rose (Betty White), Superman serves as the saucy Blanche (Rue McClanahan) and Robin enters as naughty-nana Sophia (Estelle Getty). Check it out. It will make your Monday MUCH more enjoyable.