Supercell Thunderstorm in Wyoming Paints a Powerful and Frightening Scene

Supercell thunderstorms are extremely dangerous.

While it is one of the rarest of storm types and found mainly on the Great Plains, the supercell is capable of producing baseball-sized hail, heavy rains, destructive winds and violent tornadoes.

On Sunday, near Clareton, Wyoming, the Basehunters storm chasers group captured a phenomenal shot of a colossal cloud formation.


Basehunters, who, according to their Facebook page, are “committed to capturing the most unique and close-up tornado footage on the market,” risk their lives to be on the front line of some of Mother Nature’s most perilous environments.

Check out the time lapse video of a supercell forming below. It’s definitely a powerful and frightening scene to watch.

Science Behind Supercell Storms