Crazy in Love? Superfan Gives Boyfriend Beyoncé Quiz to Test Compatibility

Allie Davis, a 21-year-old Beyoncé fan, wanted to make sure she’s not wasting her time on a boyfriend of two-and-a-half years, so she tested him on his knowledge of Bey. Her requirement: he needed to get a 60% score or better or else she’d dump him.

The exam, titiled “The Official Allie Davis Relationship Test” consisted of questions and multiple choice options, mostly about Beyoncé (there were a few about her other faves like One Direction, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj).

Some of the questions were about Beyoncé’s full name, her biggest hits, and Bey’s sister Solange’s infamous incident in the elevator. There was also a section with incomplete song lyrics that the boyfriend needed to flesh out in order to stay.

Luckily, Davis’s boyfriend is a keeper with a high score of 80%. To celebrate the fact that the two are a true match, Davis posted the exam on her twitter page.

Davis’s boyfriend was very relieved that he passed with flying colors. Maybe now she’ll let him put a ring on it!

Watch the video for more of this hilarious love story.