Superstorm California 2014: Footage and Updates

California has been getting battered the last two days by a powerful superstorm — fueled by a stream of tropical moisture called the Pineapple Express. This is said to be one of the worst storms California has experienced in years, and while the drought-stricken state can use the water, the ground isn’t able to soak up that much precipitation that quickly.

Above is a general video report on Superstorm California 2014 from The Weather Channel, covering the intense rain, wind, and blizzard conditions hitting Northern California. Wind gusts have been reported as high as 71 mph.

Adding to the situation, areas that saw serious fires in recent years are now experiencing mudslides. One was reported in Camarillo Springs, which was hit by last year’s Springs fire. It has reportedly damaged several homes, trapping people inside. Check out footage from that scene below where an elderly couple was rescued early this morning.

A mandatory evacuation is in effect for other burn areas. See the video update below.

A flash food warning alert went out on Los Angeles County residents’ cell phones early this morning. Here’s some raw footage of the storm from yesterday, furnished by the Associated Press.

The storm is expected to end within the next day or two, but not before bringing more water and snow in its wake. Visit The Weather Channel for more updates.

Main Image: NBC News