WATCH: What the Supreme Court Would Be Like Run by Dogs

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, HBO’s recent experiment with¬†comedy news programming, has been pretty brilliant all-around, but they outdid themselves this time — they imagined what it might look like if our Supreme Court justices were lovable canines instead of boring, stuffy-looking humans.

The answer: pretty freaking adorable. Scroll to 2:45 in the above video to see the real meat of the video

But hold on, there is a point to all this. Host John Oliver was railing against the Supreme Court’s policy to forbid filming within the court. The problem, Oliver contends, is that Supreme Court cases are important¬†happenings, and hearing the audio recordings isn’t the same without video, just as the keyboard cat video wouldn’t be the same if you took away, you know, the actual keyboard cat.

The best thing about this however, is that they filmed hours of this stuff, and put it all up on YouTube for anyone to use. That means anyone with a laptop and a lot of time on their hands can turn any Supreme Court audio recording into something you’ll actually want to watch, just to see the adorable antics of Justice Antonin Scalia as a bulldog.

That footage is below, so if any of you wants to cobble together your own Supreme Court run by dogs video, have at it. We’ll be waiting.