Surf-Inspired Art Chronicles the Evolution of the Fin

Award-winning commercial photographer and lifelong salt water addict, Timothy Hogan, has taken surfing’s most instrumental, yet overlooked element, and chronicled its evolution through a photographic study and documentary film, theFINproject.

The documentary not only illustrates the pivotal importance of the fin in surfing, it explores the common thread of passion and craftsmanship that unites innovators and their marvelous creations.


It also address the question of machine versus handmade fins during an era of foreign production and its threat to craftsmen everywhere.

Fins have a huge impact on the feel, stability, drive and maneuverability of a surfboard – factors that can completely alter the way you experience surfing. Why it has been forgotten… we have no clue.

Founded in 2012, Hogan is supporting theFINproject by selling framed portraits of beautifully shot and arranged fins, with most of the proceeds going to the production of the project and a remaining 10% going to a handful of select charities. Ranging in price from $75 to $150, the prints take surfing’s  to new heights of accomplishment and style.

By purchasing a print (or two!) you not only get a beautiful piece of museum-quality art, you help to tell the story of the FIN and keep the project going.