Doctor Removes Wrong Testicle on Cancer Patient

If you’re a guy, you’re probably going to squirm at this nutty story. If you’re a lady, you can offer your sympathies.

According to the UK’s Mirror News, a man who underwent surgery to have a cancerous testicle removed may not be able to father a child due to a blundering mistake by the surgeons: They removed the wrong one!

About 40 minutes after removing the healthy testicle, the doctors realized their mistake and sewed it back on. The damage their slip-up caused however, may be permanent.

“It seems I can no longer father children,” the victim, who is understandably suing for compensation, said. “I have gone through incredible stress and strain.”

The Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, the hospital responsible for the blunder, stated: “We can confirm this incident took place. The trust offers its sincere ­apologies.”

Oh okay, well then that just makes it all better…

This isn’t the only time surgeons have messed up. Recently, a 74-year-old German man got the shocking news that doctors had accidentally left 16 surgical items inside him during an operation.

Turns out, we actually don’t feel quite as safe at the doctor’s office anymore.

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