Surprise Wedding Proposal Video Has Us Crying Happy Tears

There’s nothing like starting out your day with some goosebumps and joyful tears, and that’s exactly what happened when we watched this surprise wedding proposal video featuring Danny McHugh and Jessica Pucek.

Danny is a performer with Princess Cruises, while Jess is a singer and actor, most recently seen playing Regina in the Rock of Ages touring production. (Full disclosure — this is where I met the actress, and how the video came to our attention.) Due to their busy lives traveling and performing, the two are apart from one another quite a bit, but Danny had an idea.

“When I was away from her for 6 months, I promised her I’d send her short videos every now and then to check in,” he explains on his YouTube video. “Little did she know that I was using the videos to secretly ask her to marry me.”

Jess was able to go on a recent cruise to spend time with her boyfriend, and on October 18th there was a slight change in Danny’s show. He played the above video, which was later intercut so that you could see Jess in the audience reacting to it. Naturally Jess was taken up in the emotional moment, and so were the women in the audience, along with us at First to Know.

Check out the romantic gesture.