This Surreal Location Will Make You Feel Like You’re Trapped in a Fairy Tale

If you’ve ever wanted to step into a place of daydreams, a page out of Grimms’ Fairy Tales, you’ll probably want to visit Hokkaido, Japan, where you’ll find the most picturesque scenery in the entire world.

You may be familiar with the Blue Pond if you’re a Mac user from the OS X Mountain Lion wallpaper. We always thought this place was just a figment of someone’s unwavering imagination, a Photoshop phenomenon, but it’s real.

According to photographer Kent Shiraishi, the reason the water in the pond is so stunning is that it contains high amounts of aluminum hydroxide, which supposedly reflects blue light. The color of the pond changes frequently, depending on the weather, time of day and lighting.

After the nearby Mt. Tokachi erupted in 1988, the government constructed a dam to protect the nearby towns from the potential destruction of volcanic mudflows. This resulted in the body of water you see above, also commonly known as Aonuma.

This surreal location is just one of five volcanic lakes formed in the region after Mt. Tokachi’s eruption. It has been said that each pond has its own distinctive color.

Images: Kent Shiraishi