Town Infested With Swarm of Ladybugs Will Completely Freak You Out

Millions of ladybugs are forcing residents of a small Romanian town to seal their homes, after taking over the area seemingly overnight. In a video posted by The Mirror, the insects can be seen carpeting the floor of homes, and being swept up in huge piles of both dead and living ladybugs.

Although officials have tried to control the swarm with pesticides, the beetles keep coming back. Experts believe the infestation is due to a large population of greenflies, also known as aphids. These greenflies are a huge food source for ladybugs, causing the insects to make themselves at home close to the bountiful food source.

The mayor, Mircea Jichici, said that the warm weather is also a factor in allowing the ladybug population to flourish. It raises concerns that if the winter is mild, numbers could increase even more over the next year.

The ladybugs are drawn to lush environments with lots of greenery, because it allows them to thrive on the pests that attack those plants.

Experts say that the ladybugs are looking for shelter indoors so that they can hibernate for the winter.

ladybugs 2


A local resident, Arina Deca, said no matter what measures homeowners take, the insects just keep coming.

“I had my window open for a few minutes and when I closed it they were like a living carpet,” she said.

While harmless, and normally pretty cute in small numbers, a ladybug infestation of such staggering numbers is creepy to see.

The video above shows the unsettling swarm, despite local efforts to stop them. Check it out and be grateful you don’t live in Romania right now.