McDonalds Employee Burns Swastika into Chicken Sandwich Bun

Remember when they found a vision of Jesus Christ burnt into an everyday piece of toast? Well, this is nothing like that.

Instead of discovering the Christian messiah, one unsuspecting McDonalds customer opened her southern-style chicken sandwich to add mayonnaise when she noticed a swastika etched into the inside of her bun. That’s right — the symbol closely associated with the Third Reich and the Nazi Party was burnt into a McDonalds bun with butter.

This was not, as you might think, a sign from God, but merely a sign from a bored McDonalds employee. The incident took place at a McDonalds in North Carolina. The customer, Charleigh Matice — who describes herself as a loyal McDonalds customer — returned to the store to complain and the store reportedly fired the employee responsible.

The McDonalds has since issued a public apology, and the local mini-controversy has since been dying down. Local news station WTCI 12 won’t let any facet of this story of the white-supremacist buttered bun go unreported.

We’ve been working on this story in our newsroom for several days now, making calls and talking to McDonalds,” says reporter Juliana Valencia.

We’ll end this story on one last point: is it mere coincidence that the swastika chicken sandwich was on a bun made from WHITE bread? We think not.