Deranged Doctor Drugs & Rapes Victim, Takes Her to Hideaway Dungeon Wearing Creepy Masks

A 38-year-old Swedish doctor remains unnamed but has been charged with drugging, raping and kidnapping a 38-year-old woman he imprisoned for six days in a dungeon like bunker in the middle of nowhere.

The reason the man had built the bunker, he told police, was because “he wanted to have a girlfriend.”

The doctor has admitted to the charges of drugging, kidnapping and depriving the victim of liberty, but denied raping her.

The doctor’s lawyer, Mari Schaub, told CNN that her client denied the rape allegation and denied “the degree of deprivation of liberty charge” leveled against him. “He is very much in regret of what he has done,” she said.

While he admitted to building the bunker, he claims he had no intention of sexually harming the victim or holding her against her will for a long period of time. He also says he did not plan to have other captives, which is what prosecutors believe is the case.

Authorities say the doctor drugged the unnamed woman in her apartment by serving her chocolate-dipped strawberries and orange juice that had been spiked with Rohypnol, a potent sedative known as a date-rape drug. He then raped her in her home.

While she was unconscious, the doctor placed his victim her in a wheelchair and wheeled her to his car. He then drove her six hours to the bunker he’d built himself. On the drive over, he wore bizarre rubber masks so he would not be recognized. 1453080035966

Prosecutors say the dungeon had plumbing and a water supply. It was also designed to hold more than one captive.

Strangely enough, the doctor screened his victim for sexual diseases. He planned to force her to take birth control so he could have unprotected sex with her.

After the doctor found out that the police were looking for the victim, he drove with her to a police station, armed with a gun, to tell officers that they were a couple.

Because the woman seemed distraught, police asked to speak to her in private, which is how she was saved at the end.

The doctor had worked in several hospitals in the region, and had nothing in his record to indicate that he was this disturbed and dangerous.

His trial is due to begin in Stockholm on January 25.