Sweet Ride: 1966 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

Farmers, miners, safari guides and surfers have been relying on the Toyota Land Cruiser for decades. Its go-anywhere capability can take on the most rugged terrain. Not to mention, Land Cruisers are known to run forever. It has been said that if you were to stumble upon an old one, all you’d need is a new battery and some fresh gas to get it running.

The Land Cruiser was modeled after American military jeeps and British Land Rovers. Models produced from 1954 through 1984 have reached collectible status, and even have a devoted following of off-road adventurers and restorers.

Land Cruiser’s most recognizable version is the FJ40, which is seriously one of the sweetest rides we’ve ever laid eyes on.

The one featured in the slideshow above is from 1966, and is in pristine condition.

It was sold back in January by RM Auctions for $49,500.