Swiffer Ad Draws the Ire of Feminists

For those who were sleeping during their American history class, here’s a quick lesson. Rosie the Riveter is a famous icon who originated during World War II when American men were off in the battle field and women were needed in factories. The image depicted a woman with a bandana holding her hair back, sleeves rolled up, showing off her powerful muscles with a “We Can Do It!” call to action.

Since then the image has been used as a tool to establish a sense of powerful women and work equality.  Recently however, Swiffer, a company that makes cleaning products including disposable mops and sweepers, ran and advertisement featuring a woman dressed up as the feminist icon, while holding a Swiffer mop.

As ThinkProgress points out, “It’s obvious the image is meant to evoke the famed “We Can Do It” poster, even as it’s depicting a woman cleaning the house — something that doesn’t quite play into feminist accomplishments.”

We deem this Swiffer move a solid advertising fail. What do you think? Share your thoughts below.