Syphilis = Hitler: The Craziest Anti-STD Propaganda Posters from WWII

What was the greatest threat to the American way of in the 1940s? Fascism, right?

Wrong! If these posters are anything to be believed, venereal disease and syphilis were the two forces threatening to tear the country we all love into shreds, with the little help from those demon women called prostitutes!

We’ve always known vintage propaganda was insane, but it doesn’t get much crazier than these anti-STD propaganda posters from World War 2. They really are a feat of American ingenuity, managing to squeeze in racism, sexism, and xenophobia in just 20 alarmist works of pulp art.

God bless America. And while you’re at it, strike down those Nazis, Tojos, and women of ill repute that dare to tempt our brave boys overseas.

Scroll through the slideshow above to see all the posters.

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