Shocking PSA Reverses Time to Bring Kids Killed in Syria Back to Life

The death toll in Syria has reached close to 200,000. Most of these deaths have been caused by “barrel bombs,” which are oil drums filled with chemical weapons, rusty nails and explosives.

With the United Nations General Assembly meeting next week, director Martin Stirling’s newest PSA has become a focus in the NGOs’ #WithSyria campaign aimed to prompt viewers to petition and ask the UN Security Council to help protect civilian lives.

Needless to say, the spot is haunting. Stirling’s choice to use reverse footage really gets emotions stirring and captures the horrors¬†Syrians face on a daily basis.

While this may be a reenactment of the crisis, it¬†doesn’t change the fact that countless children and their families are being killed in just this manner.

As the slogan says: We can’t reverse what’s happened in Syria but we can change how the story ends.

Watch the shocking PSA in the video above.