This 4-Year-Old Refugee’s Photo Has Gone Viral for the Most Heartbreaking Reason

Although this Syrian boy refugee photo is believed to have been taken sometime in 2012, it’s only now starting to go viral in the US after it was posted on Reddit.

It features a then 4-year-old Syrian boy living in a refugee camp on the Turkish border. He, his mother and his three siblings moved to the camp after his dad was reportedly killed in a bombing in Hama.

The boy, named Hudea, appears in the photo holding his hands up in surrender for a photojournalist working with the humanitarian relief organization IHH, whose camera the young boy assumed was a weapon.

A newspaper clipping featuring the picture went viral in Turkey back in January. According to Buzzfeed, the copy reads:

His face tightens immediately. He bites his lower lip and slowly raises his hands. He stands still without a word. It isn’t easy to console the child who thinks that the camera looking at him is a gun.

So far there is no update on what happened to the child and his family. If you’ve heard of anything — or better yet, have links to articles that explain more — please let the readers know in the comments below.