Syrian Soldier Records Final Goodbye to Mother Before Being Killed

The above video allegedly shows a Syrian soldier spending the final moments of his life leaving a recorded message to his mother, and asking her to pray for him.

At about 0:22, you can see a bullet hit the wall right about his head, as rebel fire ignites in the background. Then, you can hear them screaming out “allahu akbarm,” which loosely translates to “God is great.”

The footage cuts out shortly after, but the young soldier is believed to have been killed.

Below is a translation of what he says in the video:


0:04 – 0:12: OH Mom I love you so much! don’t cry if I die as a martyr, I love you so much.

0:13 – 0:17: Take care of Hanadeh (his sister probably) and be happy that I am a martyr.

0:18 – 0:21: Don’t worry I won’t surrender, I rather kill myself than surrendering.

0:22: No one else is left mom *Bullet impact above his head*

0:26: Pray for me mom please! Oh mom!!!