This Ingenius Engagement Ring Box Will Change Marriage Proposals Forever

The number one issue for people getting ready to propose to the love of their life is trying to hide the ring. All too often, the indiscreet box design has given away the surprise, or caused unnecessary amounts of anxiety in the man (or woman) planning to get down on bended knee.

Since the box is pretty much half of the proposal, you can’t just go without one — that’d be tacky.

This is where Vancouver-based designer Andrew Zo comes in. Zo created the Clifton, an engagement ring case that fits unnoticeably in your pocket, just like a wallet. The ingenious leather-bound apparatus is flat and uses a pop-up mechanism to display the ring when opened.


On his website, Zo writes:

The discreet design allows the case to be easily hidden without showing much profile. At approximately 1cm thick, Clifton presents the ring with a delightful flower blooming effect when opened, enchanting the moment.

The Clifton prototype was initially launched in 2011, although back then it was called Packed Engagement Ring.

Zo has since been overwhelmed by requests and recently stopped taking orders. But if you sign up for a Clifton newsletter, you can stay alert to when he will begin taking orders, which is sometime in October. Starting price for the case is $90.

For anyone out there planning on proposing, you should probably take note.

Now that you have the perfect box to propose, what about that ring?