Man’s Body Riddled with Tapeworms After Eating Sushi

According to the Mirror, a Chinese man consumed a decent amount of sashimi and days later began to itch like crazy. He also developed a horrid stomach ache, which inspired him to visit his family doctor.

Body scans revealed that his body was overflowing with tapeworms. The above slideshow showcases his tapeworm infested body.

Had the tapeworms not been found, his doctors (from the Guangdong Province of Eastern China) say he would have eventually died. They blame contaminated raw fish for his condition.

When a tapeworm enters the body, they can sometimes grow to 49 feet. If gone undetected, tapeworms release eggs and other parts of the body become infected. They can then damage internal organs.

While millions of human beings consume sushi without any problems, it is possible to come down with a variety of parasitic infections.