Target Obsessed Son Gets The Birthday Party Of A Lifetime… At Target!

One thing about Target that not everybody is aware of is that they once in a while throw parties if mommies want it bad enough. Parker Cook and his mom, Kara, are both mad about Target and this is what made her come up with a crazy idea for his seventh birthday. She wanted to throw him a Target themed party at Target. This young man had loved Target since he was just a toddler and to this day loves grabbing an Icee and then popping through to the Dollar Spot after.

His love for this place was so serious that his mom had to hide the bag if she went there without him or he would become very upset with her. Because target doesn’t really throw parties, Kara had to find some way of making it happen. She simply visited the manager of the local store and pitched the idea to him. Cook told of how the manager had no problem with it seeing as they were customers and they wouldn’t be disruptive. After the meeting she went ahead and sent out the invites.

A lot of the parents of the children invited replied that they were totally unaware of the fact that Target did parties so she told them that they didn’t and that they (the party goers) were crashing the place. Cook was a nervous wreck on the party day but was quickly put at ease by the manager and the floor supervisor. They were excited about the prospect of hosting the party, so to speak, and had informed the entire staff. They even gave him a cool present. His very own Bullseye, stuffed of course.

It wasn’t long before the guests started arriving and they all gathered in the cafe, dressed in red shirts and khaki shorts as requested. They all enjoyed some popcorn while making cute beaded bracelets and decorating their name badges. Parker had another treat in the form of getting painted to look like Bullseye, the face part anyway. After that they had a lot of fun with a scavenger hunt.

Cook explained that there were four groups headed by parents who brought some of the kids. Each of these four groups received an envelope with four clues that directed them all over the store to various hidden pictures of Bullseye. After they found the Bullseye by solving the clues they receive their prize, which consists of Target sticker sponsored by Target and an Icee each.

As if all of this wasn’t enough they headed to the Dollar Spot afterward and could choose anything as a party favor. The kids were ecstatic when they heard that they can choose whatever they wanted. A register was reserved for the pure purpose of checking out what the kids chose so they can be helped speedily. At the end of it all the happy birthday song was sung and the cake, obviously also Target themed, was cut and handed out.

Cook said that this was the easiest party she ever organized and it was only one and a half hours long from beginning to end. She had nothing to clean up after all of it because it was held in the café, except for the cake and cupcakes. And the most important part? Parker loved every minute of every leg of the party and he knows what a special little boy he is due to the fact that he was the first little man ever to have a Target party of his own.

All images courtesy of George J. Patterson and Jordan Himes

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