WATCH: Why You Should Visit Tasmania, In One Stunning Time Lapse

When you think of vacation destinies, your mind’s more likely to jump to well-publicized hotspots like Paris, London, or Tokyo — nothing similar to the relatively remote wildlife paradise that is Tasmania.

The island most famous in America for¬†inspiring one particularly insane Looney Tunes character has so much more to see than its own particular kind of devil — and we’ve found the perfect proof in the above video. It’s just five minutes but it puts the natural beauty of Tasmania, an island off the the southeastern tip of Australia, on full display.

We admit we’ve never been, but this video convinced us in such a short time, and it’s definitely worth the quick watch to see a few of the sights in brief while learning just a bit about the endangered wildlife carefully preserved on the island, home to tons of animals and only 500,000 people.

“If you’re interested in looking at Tasmania and this little paradise we’ve got hiding down here in the quiet corner of the southern ocean,” says Mark of the local Lark distillery in the video, “do come down and see us, really enjoy what we’ve got to offer, but don’t tell too many people, please.”

If you’re looking for a naturally beautiful, laid back destination, Tasmania, of all places, might be just what you need. Watch the Tasmania video above.