Taste Test Results Reveal 2013’s Best Diet Meal Plan

Food is the spice of life.

This phrase rings true for a lot of people, and in a world where diet meal programs promise great health and weight-loss results without sacrificing taste, it seems ridiculous not to jump on the offers.

But do these companies actually live up to the promise? Do their food choices offer the kind of satisfaction dieters are looking for or are they all hype?

Leading consumer resource site NextAdvisor.com looks to answer that question in its annual Diet Taste Test Study to help people make better informed decisions when considering diet meal plans.

Since there are so many different companies and inventories to choose from, NextAdvisors Lifestyle Editor Polina Polishchuk explains “we want people interested in starting a diet program to get the most up-to-date information about these plans as possible.” She also stressed the site’s belief that people “want to know how the food will actually taste before they commit to paying for the program.”

Polishchuk and her team conduct the completely independent, blind taste test with ten individuals of varying ages and genders, who try a week’s worth of standard meal plans from top diet companies. The testers don’t know what brand they are tasting and are asked to rate each sample on a scale of 1 to 10 with additional comments. The diet companies are also unaware that their food is being tested so they have no input whatsoever in the results.

So what was the outcome for this year’s taste test? Diet-to-Go impressed the participants the most, with an overall 5 star rating for its meal plan. Jenny Craig came in second with Bistro MD, Nutrisystem and eDiets following, in that order.

What’s interesting is the switch around from the previous year. Nutrisystem was last in 2012, so it moved one spot up this year, while Bistro MD moved down two spots from last year as it lost its 2012 top spot.

Check out the complete ratings table below

For more on the taste test, as well as other ratings on diet programs, check out NextAdvisor.com.