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PHOTOS: Tattoo Museum Steps Outside the Frame, Displays Living Human Canvases

Talk to anyone passionate about their tattoos and they will explain that their skin is an alternative to canvas, a way of expression for meaningful art. However, unlike a classic masterpiece that hangs in a gallery, the viewing of tattoos is limited to wherever the wearer happens to be.

Otherwise, the tattoos can only be shared through photographs. Sadly, it can be difficult to capture the movement of the tattoo across the body in just a photo.

Enter The Human Gallery, a living tattoo museum art exhibit. The project was originally commissioned by truTV and curated by two of the biggest names in the art, Cally-Jo and Lal Hardy (pictured below). With the help of tattoo artists and modes willing to display their ink, the show created a new way for ink enthusiasts to appreciate tattoos through a temporary gallery show.

tattoo museum
Curators Cally-Jo and Lal Hardy

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