These Tattooed Dads with Their Babies Will Turn You Into Mush

We think there’s almost nothing sweeter than babies and their dads bonding. Which is why when one of our readers sent in a heartwarming picture of her baby boy, Liam and her husband enjoying a fun bubble bath, we were ‘oohing’ and ‘awing’ all over the office.

Everything about the photo –from the fun bubble hair and bubble beard, to little Liam’s facial expressions are adorable– but what really stuck out to us was dad’s tattooed arm. Something about the combination of a tough tatted up dad and a sweet little baby boy is indescribably lovely, and we were so swept away by the adorableness of it all that we went searching the internet for more images of babies and their tattooed daddies to put together a whole slideshow.

Thanks reader, Julie and husband, Kenneth for the inspiration and for sharing your sweet family moment with us.