These Incredible Freehand Tattoos by Jay Freestyle Will Amaze You

Tattoos last forever. Well, unless you can actually afford laser removal, which we understand is very, very expensive.

That being said, getting a tattoo you won’t regret usually requires some actual preparation.

Whether you’re in the market to get a 3D tattoo, or you’re looking to become the world’s most tattooed man, there are many things to consider before even stepping into a shop.

When choosing an artist, you’ll want to make sure they are professional, polite and, of course, talented in regards to the consistency of their work. We’ve seen so many horrible tattoos — some are so bad that we can’t help but cringe every single time we think about them.

But for one artist, and his clients, tattoos are truly an art form.

While some people prefer to get the name of their boyfriend tattooed across their face just 24 hours after a first date, those who visit Jay Freestyle, a tattoo artist based in Amsterdam, are looking for something more profound.

Typically, artists will put a transfer of the tattoo you’re interested in getting in the place you want it before starting in with the needle and ink, however, Jay prefers to create his designs directly onto his clients’ skin. At the most, he’ll draw some rough outlines to guide his machine.

This guy does it all.

From watercolor to geometric designs, abstract art and photorealism tattoos, his work is absolutely incredible.

Tattoos may just start off as ideas, but that’s all this talented artist needs. An idea.

His motto captures the fundamental nature of his artwork:

Give me a piece of your skin and I’ll give you a piece of my soul.

After checking out the slideshow of his work above, we wouldn’t be surprised if you started craving the needle.

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