Taylor Swift Releases 8 Seconds of Nothing, It Hits Number One on iTunes

Taylor Swift need not write songs to top the charts, and she demonstrated her bizarre power over the music industry via the Canadian iTunes last night.

The popular singer-songwriter released an eight-second track of absolutely nothing — only white noise, costing $1.29 to purchase. No one is sure why the supposed song, titled “Track 3,” was released. It may have been an accident on the part of Swift or iTunes, or perhaps simply a sinister show of power.

If that’s the case, mission accomplished, for the song reached number one on the Canadian iTunes charts within hours. The song, which you can listen to above (not that you need to), is no longer available for purchase. Still, for a few short hours, eight seconds of nothing was more popular in Canada than any song that had actual content, simply because it had the name Taylor Swift next to it.

The actual “Track 3” (title TBD) from Swift’s upcoming album 1989 is set to be released with the rest of the LP next week. It will likely have some combination of music and lyrics, and be longer than eight seconds. Either way, it’ll still sell, so whatever.