Teacher Eats a Live Hamster in Front of Class to Teach Them a Lesson

A teacher in South Korea wanted to teach his students a lesson, instead he ended up with a charge of child abuse. The 44-year-old teacher, identified as Yu, taught at Jeongeup boarding school where he noticed his students teasing the hamster. That sparked the idea for him to teach his students a lesson on “how dear life is.”

Yu took the live hamster, bit, chewed and ate it in front of his class. The teacher spoke with Yonhap News Agency about why he did it. “I couldn’t control the situation and couldn’t stand it. While watching the hamsters die from teasing, I thought I should teach the children it was wrong to make light of life.”

There were seven students present at the time of the incident and once their parents found out they took charge. Child abuse claims were filed against Yu and the police booked him without physical detention for child abuse.

While Yu is ashamed, he told the news agency that he wouldn’t have done it if he knew he would have gotten charged.