WATCH: Teacher Fights Student, Threatens to ‘Kill You in Here’

A new video has surfaced as a testament to the quiet dignity of America’s public school system.

The cell phone video shows a Baltimore teacher engaged in an all-out fight with a 17-year-old student in the hallway of the Carter Vocational Technical School last Friday. The teacher, name unknown, was charged with assault following the incident.

In the video, the teacher is the woman in the black pants and gray top. She can be heard yelling threats at the student, saying “I’ll kill you in here … what the fuck do you think this is.” Another student can be seen trying to separate the two, unsuccessfully.

WBAL reports that the fight broke out after the student threw something at the teacher while students were taking a test. They also say the teacher slammed the girl’s head into a nearby locker in the course of the brawl.

The teacher has been put on leave for the pending investigation. Watch the video above.