Technology-Free ‘NoPhone’ Claims to Combat Smartphone Addiction

A Kickstarter campaign is touting the NoPhone, an iPhone-shaped piece of plastic, as a fix for the rising problem of phone addiction. It is a rectangular security blanket for those attempting to wean off technology—perfect for those who get jittery without a device in hand.

The NoPhone is a zero-tech alternative to the smartphone to get phone addicts to disconnect from their device and reconnect with those in their life.

The plastic NoPhone is shaped like a phone, and feels like holding a phone, but is completely plastic. For $12 you can purchase a rectangle piece of plastic that boasts no battery, no upgrades, and most importantly, no technology at all.

nophone 3 nophone2

The Journal of Behavior Addictions published a study from Baylor University that found college students spend eight to ten hours a day on their cell phone. The study reported that 60% of college students think they are addicted to the phone.

A Time magazine Techland poll found statistics that suggest it’s not just college students who are phone addicted. Of the 5,000 international respondents, 84% said they couldn’t go a day without a phone, while 50% of Americans sleep with their phone next to them.

The Kickstarter page currently has $5,500 of the $30,000 goal to get the NoPhone into production. The page displays a 3D printed prototype NoPhone, and offers a NoPhone “Selfie Upgrade.” It’s just a mirror attached to the front.

NoPhone Selfie 1

Maybe this product could help phone addicts to leave the phone at home sometimes, or maybe it’s just another crowd-funding scam—like this guy who used raised funds to buy a Ferarri.