Teen Commits Suicide Using One of His Loved Pets

Grant Thompson, an 18-year-old teenager in Texas, who had a profound love for animals, has committed suicide with his pet cobra.

He worked for his family’s pet store and was known to have a “history of suicidal ideation.” Shortly before he was found, he posted a short and mysterious post on Facebook stating, “I’m Sorry.”

He was found inside his SUV approximately 70 miles from his hometown, with snake bites on his arms. The SUV was filled with caged tarantulas and other non-poisonous snakes when they found him, but the deadly cobra was missing.

The cobra was found two days later, run over by cars on the highway.

His autopsy report showed that his body had no signs of struggle with the snake. He experienced respiratory failure after the snake’s poisonous bite sent his body into a paralyzed state. He eventually died at St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center after he went into cardiac arrest.

His mother Seleese Thompson-Mann described Grant as one who had a passion for animals and one day dreamt of breeding exotic pets.

She said, “Animals were a passion of his. When he was 4, he got his first big fish tank. We had an animal-themed birthday party. I had a zoo out in Austin bring in animals. From then, he was hooked.”

Hs mom added that she had no idea that her son owned this deadly cobra.