Teen Convinces Boyfriend to Commit Suicide & Tells Him How to Do It

Court proceedings have begun for Michelle Carter, who is only 18 and in big trouble, after police found strange texts between her and deceased boyfriend, Conrad Roy. The texts were written before he committed suicide in July 2014. The Massachusetts native is now facing manslaughter charges because prosecutors say she put Roy on the path of suicide and made sure he went through with killing himself. Her texts are the biggest evidence used against her in court:

“You just need to do it, Conrad,” Carter texted Roy on the morning of July 12, according to the indictment. “The more you push it off, the more it will eat at you. You’re ready and prepared. All you have to do is turn the generator on and you will be free and happy. No more pushing it off. No more waiting.”

Roy, who was also 18 years old at the time, killed himself by carbon monoxide poisoning when he ran a gas-powered water pump inside his pickup truck in a Kmart parking lot that same night after getting Carter’s encouraging texts. There are more chilling texts that came out in court as well:

“You have everything you need,” Carter wrote him, telling him that his parents would eventually be fine after his death. “There is no way you can fail. Tonight is the night. It’s now or never. Yeah, it will work: If you emit 3200 ppm of it for five or ten minutes you die within a half hour. You lose consciousness with no pain. You just fall asleep and die.”

Carter later texted a friend admitting that she had told Roy to get back inside the car when he got scared and nearly changed his mind. Carter’s lawyers, who stress that she was only 17 when all of this was going on, has her own psychological issues but that the indictment against her should be dropped. Roy, they insist, caused his own death.

After Roy’s suicide Carter organised a softball fund-raiser in memory of Roy raising over $2,300 for mental health awareness. She also reportedly went to prom and to Disneyland after his death.

Do you think Michelle Carter is responsible for her boyfriend’s death? Let us know what you think should happen to Carter: a dismissal or jail time?