WATCH: Teen Sells Pot Brownies for Prom Dress, Faces Deportation

Can’t afford your prom dress? Get your baking skills ready girls, because its time to sell some delicious marijuana-infused brownies.

Okay no. That’s actually a horrible idea.

Unfortunately, 18-year-old Saira Munoz from Yuba City, apparently thought it was a stroke of genius. The high school senior at River Valley High School hired a friend to sell pot brownies for prom dress money.

The plan reportedly went wrong when a student got sick and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Because Munoz hired a fellow student, she was charged with employing a minor to sell marijuana, which is a felony. On Monday, a judge sentenced her to nine days in jail with credit for time served, plus four years’ probation.

But Munoz may have bigger problems — during sentencing, she learned she could be deported to her native country, Mexico.
According to CBS Sacramento, she came to the United States with temporary permission in 2000. That felony conviction, in turn, put her residency status in jeopardy after the Sutter County Probation Department informed the federal government about her conviction.

Her former classmates say that’s crossing the line.

“No, there’s people that deserve to be deported, and she just wasn’t one of them,” Carlos Robles, a friend, told CBS. “There’s people that do way worse.”

“She should not be deported for making weed brownies. I know lots of students who do that,” student Dursimrim Kalar told Fox40.

Munoz had no comment for local media.

Check out the video above for the news segment.