Teen Fakes Being Pregnant with Triplets for 10 Months – Find Out How

Family and friends supported and celebrated with one Michigan teen and her boyfriend after finding out they were pregnant with triplets. The young couple received countless gifts and donations in order for the expecting mother to prepare for her new babies.

Together they even named their three children: Ivan, Alice and Isabella. According to Fox 2 Detroit, everything seemed normal. The teen mom’s stomach grew as the months carried on, she even showed ultra sound pictures and joined an Facebook support group.

However, it wasn’t until her due date passed by a month and there were still no babies that everyone became suspicious. Jessica Adams, an aunt to the family told the Fox affiliate station what happened next.

“So, I told the hotline she has three babies that she’s supposed to be full term with, and she won’t go to the hospital and they don’t have heartbeats. So, they sent detectives over there and she finally cracked and told the detectives that she lost them at six weeks, “ Adams said.

The young girl faked her pregnancy through a website called FakeABaby.com, using fake stomachs and ultra sounds.

Police officials are investigating the situation since there was thousands of dollars in donations given to the girl.