Teen Gets Life Sentence for Murder of Great-Grandmother

Antonio Barbeau, 14, was arrested for the murder of his great-grandmother in September 2012. This week the boy was sentenced to 36 years in prison.

Barbeau and his accomplice, Nathan Paape, 14, killed the 78-year old woman with a hatchet, then shared a pizza and counted the money stolen, which turned out to be a mere $155. Barbeau states that they each hit Olson three to four times with the weapon during the killing.  She was found dead in her home in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

On Monday, the judge announced that Barbeau will not qualify for bail until he is 50.  As Barbeau sat through his trial, he was in tears.

“There’s been a lot being said by the news, DA and many other people that I’m a cold, heartless, careless killer, [but] that’s not true” he said.  “I know I don’t show my emotions much.  I myself am not sure why.”

Due to such a heinous crime, Judge Timothy Van Akkeran stated that his sentence was just the minimum.

Instead of living through his high school years, he will be living his life behind bars.