Teen Girl Disappears After Beating Video Posted on Facebook

Baileigh Karam, a 14-year-old California girl, went missing the same day a video of another teen beating her up was posted to Facebook.

The event took place January 11. A fellow female student at Karam’s Carlsbad high school pummeled her in a fight, which other students not only watched but recorded. In the video, Karam begs her unidentified opponent to stop but no mercy comes her way as she gets punched in the face and head. Fellow students cheer on the unidentified assailant.

“The other girl just punched her over and over and over, while my daughter was saying, ‘Stop, stop.’ And the crowd was egging it on,” Baliegh’s mother, Karen Karam, told CBS8. The fight was allegedly over a boy, who had broken up with the attacker and had started taking an interest in Baliegh.

Karen Karam said she had warned the school that her daughter was being bullied, and school officials spoke to each of the girls before the fight broke out. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop it from happening.

The video made its way to Facebook, where students reportedly left hurtful comments. According to San Diego news station KFMB, Karen Karam contacted her daughter, but Baliegh said she wanted to be left alone and she didn’t want to speak with Carlsbad police, who were reviewing the fight.

“It’s a very ugly world sometimes on Facebook,” Karen Karam said in the interview. “I know my daughter’s out there reading all of those comments. And I know she’s heartbroken. And I know she’s humiliated in front of her high school.”