The Most Notorious Teen Killers in Recent History

Murderers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

When a killer makes the headlines, all aspects of that person tend to come to the spotlight. For the seven people in the slideshow above, age was one of those aspects as they were all teenagers when they committed their crimes.

Check out the notorious killers above and read below for more on each.

TJ Lane

A February 2012 high school shooting was tied to 17-year-old Thomas “T. J.” Lane. He was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. Most recently he escaped a Lima, Ohio prison but was recaptured shortly after .

Erin Caffey

After this 16 year-old Texans parents denied her permission to go on a date with her boyfriend, James, she enlisted his and his friend’s help to attack her family in the early morning in March of 2008, according to Murderpedia. This resulted in the murder of her mother and two brothers, and the maiming of her father. The three set to house on fire to cover up the evidence and they were later charged with murder and received extended prison sentences.

Diane Zamora

The former United States Naval Academy midshipman was given a life sentence for the December 4, 1995, murder of Adrianne Jones, a girl she believed was a romantic rival for her boyfriend, David Graham.

Joshua Smith

A 14-year-old Detroit boy got involved with the local thugs, much to the displeasure of his mother, Tamiko Robinson. Fed up with him staying out more than she believed was appropriate, she put an 11:00 curfew on him and forbid him to keep company with the gang kids. One morning around 3 in the morning, Joshua Smith left his room with a shot gun and shot his mother multiple times while she was sleeping. He attempted a car escape but was eventually caught by the police.

Nehemiah Griego

This 15-year-old from Albuquergue shot his entire family in January 2013. He started with his mother, whom he shot in the head because she annoyed him. He then shot all three of his siblings and later his father when he returned home. Nehemiah was arrested and charged with two counts of murder and three counts of child abuse leading to death.

Alyssa Bustamante

At 15 years of age, this teen killed a nine-year-old girl and buried her in a wooded area, according to Mail Online. She described it as an ‘ahmazing’ and ‘pretty enjoyable’ experience.

Brenda Ann Spencer

NY Daily News reports a freckle-faced 16-year-old wounded eight children and a police officer and shot dead a custodian and the principal of an elementary school in San Diego on a Monday morning in early 1979. When asked why she did it, she simply told a reporter, “I don’t like Mondays.”