Teen Kills Classmate, Uploads Selfie with the Body to Snapchat

WARNING: Some may find the content of this article disturbing.

A Pennsylvania teenager has been accused of murdering a classmate and subsequently uploading a selfie of himself with the other teen’s body to social media site Snapchat.

MSN reports that Maxwell Marion Morton, 16, allegedly shot fellow student Ryan Mangan, also 16, before posing for the photo that led to his apprehension by authorities. Morton sent the image via Snapchat of himself with Mangan’s dead body to a friend, who saved the image before the application automatically deleted it. The friend showed the picture to his mother, who turned the image over to police.

The friend also received text messages from Morton stating “Told you I cleaned up the shells,” and “Ryan was not the last one.”

“[Police] received a copy of the photo which depicted the victim sitting in the chair with a gunshot wound to the face,” a police affidavit states. “It also depicts a black male taking the ‘selfie,’ with his face facing the camera and the victim behind the actor. The photo had the name ‘Maxwell’ across the top.”

Mangan’s body was discovered by his mother

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports:

Morton confessed to killing Mangan after police searched his home Friday and found a 9 mm handgun hidden under the basement steps, according to the affidavit.

Investigators found a discharged 9 mm casing in Mangan’s bedroom, Peck said.

Pamela Rutledge, director of the Media Psychology Research Center at Fielding Graduate University, spoke to the Tribune-Review about a criminal trend in posting about murders and other crimes on social media:

This is really a question about criminal pathology rather than technology. Perpetrators in need of validating their power and sense of self-importance have used all kinds of communications to ‘brag’ about criminal activities — from the local hangout to social media like Facebook.