Jealous Teen Kills Ex-Girlfriend, Doesn’t Confess to Test Investigators’ Skills

Luan Vu, a southeast Houston 19-year-old, killed his ex-girlfriend and dumped her body in a bayou after she told him she had started dating someone new.

The teenager didn’t confess to the crime when he was questioned by investigators, although he later said he had initially wanted to but didn’t because he’d “heard they were good” and wanted to test their skills, according to Detective Fil Waters, reports The Daily Mail.

He later drew them a map leading to Houston’s Sim Bayou, where he had dumped the body of 17-year-old Vy Ngoc Bao-Pham. Police believe they already know how she was murdered but are awaiting the final autopsy before officially releasing further information.

The court documents, which have been seen by local ABC affiliate, includes details of ligature marks around the teen girl’s neck and a sock stuffed in her mouth. They believe he choked her, rendered her semi-to-fully unconscious with a tree branch and then strangled her. After killing her, police say he wrapped her body in a sheet and then slid her into the bayou under a bridge.

The cops caught on after tracing a text message sent to Vy’s parents back to Vu. After she disappeared on Monday night, the parents received a text in broken English that demanded $50,000 for her safe return. The text message was sent by Vu – who has been in America for five years – in order to deflect what had happened to her and test the American detectives’ skills, Waters said.

After the tracing of the text, Vu was caught and remains in jail, where he has been charged with capital murder.

“We are happy to say that we validated everything that he had heard” Waters said.

Feature Image: Facebook