Teen Mother Strangles Baby Just to Get Attention (VIDEO REPORT)

We’ve heard of teenagers doing all sorts of crazy things for attention, but we’ve never heard about anything quite like this.

Brenna Winter, 19, recently confessed to attempting to suffocate her baby twice in the hospital. While doctors struggled to bring the girl back to life after she stopped breathing, Winter began posting on her Facebook wall, sharing images of the baby and telling her friends that she almost died.

Winter was unemployed and dropped out of school to raise her daughter.

“I was just really stressed out and I wasn’t thinking, but I wasn’t trying to hurt her…I was trying to relieve the problem but I knew that wasn’t gonna work,” the mother explained.

When Winter visited the emergency room last summer, claiming her baby was spitting up blood, hospital security cameras caught her leaning over the baby’s crib and attempting to choke her. That’s when an alarm notified staff that the baby could not breathe and they rushed in to revive her.

Then, the mother tried to suffocate the baby against her chest while breastfeeding.

While she hoped her efforts to garner more likes and shares would bring joy into her life, she’s found the exact opposite. She lost custody of her baby and is currently awaiting her trial, which is set to begin in November. She has pleaded not guilty to charges of battery by strangulation, attempted first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

According to an interview with Orlando police, she confessed to the crime, saying it was all a cry for attention.

Well, if attention is what she wanted, she just got herself enough of it to last a lifetime.