Teen Sisters Vanish During Heated Custody Battle, Two Years Later the Mystery Is Solved

The Rucki sisters, Samantha and Gianna, were 16 and 17 years old when they vanished from their family home in Lakeville, Minnesota. Their disappearance also happened to coincide with a bitter custody battle between their parents David Rucki and Sandra Grazzini Rucki, according to reports.

At the time the girls went missing, they had previously implicated their father as being physically and emotionally abusive toward them.

David denied the allegations, saying that Sandra had turned the girls against him. In 2013, the family spoke with Fox 9 regarding David’s claim of “parental alienation” at which time the girls said they had no wish to reunite with their father.

After they disappeared that same year, authorities began to suspect that Sandra, and perhaps others, may have helped the girls run away and disappear. She denied knowing anything about their whereabouts.

Now after two years of investigation, authorities have finally solved the mystery of their disappearance. Following a lead that police thought might get them more information about the girls’ whereabouts Lakeville Police, along with U.S. Marshals and the Grant County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the White Horse Ranch in Herman, Minnesota.

They didn’t expect to actually find the girls on the premises, but that’s exactly what happened. Samantha and Gianna were found healthy and safe.

Sandra meanwhile has been in police custody since October, on 3 counts of felony deprivation of parental rights. It seems likely that she played a key role in her daughters’ disappearance.