Teen Tragically Dies After Getting Wisdom Teeth Pulled

What was supposed to be a short procedure that dentists have performed hundreds of times turned into a tragic death.

When Sydney Galleger visited the dentist to get her wisdom teeth pulled on June 9th, her blood pressure suddenly rose and her pulse began to drop. Then, she went into cardiac arrest.

According to CBS, she was rushed to the hospital after doctors tried to perform CPR. That’s when things got even worse. Sydeny’s brain started to swell and she began to suffer from seizures. Doctors told her family that they think she had an unknown heart condition prior to the surgery

After a week of fighting, the 17-year-old passed away.

Her mother has been documenting the process and updating loved ones of her daughter’s status through their CaringBridge web page.

She posted this message to tell friends and family of Sydney’s death:

Our precious Sydney left this physical world TODAY to live in eternity with God and Jesus forever, we have all been blessed to have been touched by Sydney in one way or another. Her faith was strong, her heart was big, her laughter was infectious and her smile could light up a room. Thank you for all the prayers of support, healing and strength during these last 7 days that has seemed like an eternity.

While most people look at getting wisdom teeth pulled lightly, medical professionals urge that surgery is always serious.