Teenager Cries Tears of Blood, Baffles Doctors Everywhere

A 13-year-old girl from India has a mysterious medical condition that defies medical understanding: for about two years, she has cried tears of blood. The blood also spouts from her head, hands and feet.

The local community believes Twinkle is either possessed by a spirit or blessed by a holy God, while others, including medical officials, have accused her and her family of scheming up a sham for attention.

Her illness resembles what is known as stigmata, which is the appearance of wounds similar to those suffered by Christ during crucifixion.

In the documentary above from Barcroft TV, Twinkle’s parents desperately search for answers to the mysterious condition, seeking out specialists and doctors throughout India, as well as the beliefs of gurus and religious figures for clarity.

Paediatric haematologist Dr. George Buchanan believes she may have an issue with her platelets, or some form of rare cancer, but doesn’t yet know for sure what to make of the phenomenon.

Have you ever witnessed something this bizarre?

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