Teenager Lives Undetected in Walmart for 2 Days & Builds Makeshift Forts for His Home

A teenager in Corsicana, Texas lived undetected in a 24-hour Walmart for two days after he ran away from his aunt’s home. A store employee was shocked to find 14-year-old step out from behind a pile of boxes in the baby apparel aisle.

After spotting him the employee looked behind the boxes and found a number of personal items that made it clear the teen had been there for an extended period of time.

“Normally if there’s a child missing in a store we’re actively looking for that child,” said Walmart spokesman Brian Nick. “But it’s a different matter when employees are unaware a child is missing.”

According to Nick, a Supercenter is more than 200,000 square feet — and because the store is open 24-hours a day, it wouldn’t be unusual for the boy to go unnoticed.

“We just didn’t have any knowledge that this child was missing, and certainly not in one of our stores,” said Nick.
It was later discovered that the boy had pilfered food and drinks from the store. He also swapped his clothes out a few times to avoid detection.

Corsicana police report that the boy had been missing as of July 28. He had been visiting his aunt because his parents were out of town. The boy tried to leave the store after the employee found him, but he couldn’t escape the police outside.
The police issued a statement that revealed the boy had run way from family members multiple time.

At this point, Walmart isn’t going to seek charges against him. Store officials are content that he is safe and sound.